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Roy S. Rubinstein has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and has been teaching it since 1979. Previously in academia, Dr. Rubinstein has been teaching corporate courses since 1996. He is the principle instructor and course developer for The Class Menagerie and is also an adjunct associate professor at The University of Massachusetts Lowell and occasionally teaches a graduate class for them.

Dr. Rubinstein has extensive experience and expertise in many areas of Computer Science, both in academia (including 7 years as a full-time faculty member at Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and in industry (including as a Member of the Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories). Dr. Rubinstein has programmed in approximately three dozen different programming languages (and taught about half of them) on multiple platforms.

Since Dr. Rubinstein began corporate teaching in 1996, he has taught numerous courses on many topics, including Java, JavaScript, C Programming, Unix, Shell Programming, HTML, ASP, Visual Basic, QBasic, PowerBuilder, Access, SQL, and relational database design. In addition to teaching programming, he has taught courses in many other areas of Computer Science, including data structures and algorithms, principles of programming languages, compiler design and implementation, automata theory, computability theory, complexity theory, and database design.

Dr. Rubinstein has authored materials for courses in Java, JavaScript, CGI/Perl, and Korn Shell Programming, and continues to create new course materials. He has also had papers published in some of the more prestigious Computer Science research journals and presented at international conferences.

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